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The following lists astronomy courses known to the authors. This list is by no means intended to be exhaustive. Across the country there are no doubt many other evening courses held at various Universities and Colleges. Inquiries from the general public are most welcome. If you know of, or run any information that we do not have listed, please contact us with the details.

State Location Organisation
New South Wales    ACT    MSATT - Astronomy Projects For High School Students
  Sydney    Practical Astronomy (SASPAC)
  Sydney    Sydney University Astronomy Courses
South Australia    Adelaide    Astronomy Courses at Adelaide Planetarium
Tasmania    Hobart    Night Sky Explorer Course (Hobart)
Victoria    Melbourne    Astronomy Public Lectures



MSATT - Astronomy Projects For High School Students


MSATT is an educational facility designed for student-centred research projects in astronomy. The facility consists of two primary instruments (300 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain and 400 mm Newtonian) with auxiliary instruments and cameras for visual work, imaging, spectroscopy, photometry and astrometry. Students operate MSATT, a teaching telescope suite at ANU's historic Mount Stromlo Observatory, to complete extended investigations based on their own observations. In most cases, an astronomer is appointed as the student's mentor for the duration of the project. Students produce a referenced and refereed report which can often contribute to their formal school assessment. No experience with astronomy or telescopes is necessary and any Year 9 to 12 student from the ACT region is welcome to apply. Students wishing to visit MSATT or take on projects in 2020* should contact Geoff McNamara for a copy of the MSATT Student Guide. There is no cost for any MSATT activities. *The 2020 observing season begins with the end of daylight saving time on 5/4/20.


Contact: Contact Geoff McNamara phone/text 0449 966 200, for email, see web site.
Web: msatt.teamapp.com/



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Practical Astronomy (SASPAC)


A practical astronomy course for beginners and interested amateurs. This is a nine week course conducted by Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc (SASI). Each lecture is followed by observations with the society's equipment (weather permitting). Refer to website for course dates.


Address: Green Point Observatory (Sutherland, Sydney)
Contact: Contact the Education Officer 0408 207 927, for email, see web site.
Web: www.sasi.net.au



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Sydney University Astronomy Courses


The University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education runs regular astronomy courses on the main Sydney University campus, with occasional bus tours to NSW observatories. See website for more information.


Web: cce.sydney.edu.au



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Astronomy Courses at Adelaide Planetarium


A variety of astronomy themed courses are conducted at the Adelaide Planetarium during the year. See their web site for details.


Address: University of South Australia, Building P, Mawson Lakes Campus
Web: www.unisa.edu.au/Business-community/galleries-museums-and-centres/Planetarium/Events-and-courses1/



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Night Sky Explorer Course (Hobart)


Beginner astronomy courses are conducted by members of the Astronomical Society of Tasmania, details on their website.


Address: Mt. Pleasant
Contact: For email, see web site.
Web: www.astas.org.au



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Astronomy Public Lectures


The Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing have free public lectures on astronomy at the Hawthorn campus of Swinburne University of Technology. See web site for details.


Web: astronomy.swin.edu.au/outreach/?topic=freelectures



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