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The following lists various resources (that don't fit in our other categories)  known to the authors. This list is by no means intended to be exhaustive,if you know of  any information that we do not have listed, please contact us with the details.


State Location Organisation
Australia        Australian Sky & Telescope Magazine
Western Australia    Perth    Stargazers Club WA
  Perth    Astronomy Education Services



Australian Sky & Telescope Magazine


Australian Sky & Telescope is a world-class magazine about the science and hobby of astronomy. Combining the worldwide resources of its venerable parent magazine with the talents of the best science writers and photographers in Australia, it is produced specifically for the Southern Hemisphere astronomer. Delivering the latest news and developments in astronomy eight times a year, Australian Sky & Telescope caters for everyone with an interest in space and astronomy, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned observer.


Address: PO Box 81 St Leonards NSW 1590
Contact: Contact (02) 9439 1955, Fax (02) 9439 1977, for email, see web site.
Web: www.skyandtelescope.com.au



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IceInSpace is a community website dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere. They aim to help stargazers discover, discuss and enjoy the night sky. IceInSpace is free to join and use, all you need is a valid email address. By registering you will be able to post topics, upload content and images and access other features. IceInSpace is the largest and most active astronomy community in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 13,500 members.


Address: PO Box 9127, Wyoming NSW 2250
Contact: Contact Mike Salway, for email, see web site.
Web: www.iceinspace.com.au



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Stargazers Club WA


Stargazing and astronomy for beginners. Stargazers Club WA runs telescope classes, stargazing nights, astrophotography for beginners and hosts special trips to dark skies in country WA. See their website for costs and details.


Contact: Contact Carol 0427 554 035, for email, see web site.
Web: www.stargazersclubwa.com.au



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Astronomy Education Services


Astronomy Education Services (AES) specialises in school incursions, Scout/youth/special interest groups and visiting rural communities. Activities include day presentations with safe viewing of the Sun and stargazing nights with telescopes. See their web site and Facebook page for more details.


Address: PO Box 271, Dianella WA 6059
Contact: Contact Richard Tonello 0417 961 357, for email, see web site.
Web: www.astro-ed-services.com



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